Frontier Futures Self-Directed Trading

Since 1984, Frontier Futures has been serving the needs of discount futures traders and hedgers nationwide. As one of the pioneers in the discount futures industry, Frontier provides personalized professional trading services.

Frontier Futures Self-Directed Trading Benefits

Low Commissions, with discounts for volume

Margin requirements at exchange minimums (under normal market conditions)

No minimum balance required in your account

Free automated phone quotes for qualifying accounts

Same price for online or phone orders

Experienced live brokers to handle your orders

All self-directed Frontier Futures brokers are salaried professionals who provide timely, accurate executions based on integrity, not commissions

Discounted access to Frontier Futures Market Insight with an open and active trading account

Self-Directed Futures Trading Commissions

Competitive commission rates with volume discounts starting at 5 round turns per month.

Futures Trading Platform Technology

At Frontier Futures, self-directed traders enjoy a range of futures and options trading software options through Rosenthal Collins Group, including:

Start Trading at Frontier Futures

Complete an online futures trading account application through our FCM partner, Rosenthal Collins Group, and get started trading with Frontier Futures today.

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