Frontier Futures Commercial Brokerage Services

With time-tested trading, hedging, and risk management solutions, Frontier Futures combines brokerage experience and analysis with world class customer service to provide a competitive advantage to commercial operations, hedge funds and professional traders.

Our brokers build a foundational understanding of your business to tailor custom hedging and risk management strategies.

We Specialize in Hedging and Risk Management

By utilizing Frontier’s hedging and risk management knowledge and experience, producers and end users can protect against unwanted price fluctuation.

Hedge commodities and manage risk using Frontier’s tools and expertise. With years of experience, Frontier’s brokers have the tools necessary to hedge an array of commodity sectors, including:

  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Livestock
  • Metals
  • Interest Rates
  • Currencies
  • Other Sectors

Our client base consists of farmers, grain elevators, co-ops, ranchers, speculative traders, and global money managers – serviced by our branch offices all over the U.S.

We make decisions based on years of experience augmented by our network of clients, insiders, and information sources to best provide timely hedging and risk management strategies that align with your trading, investing and profit goals.

Contact us to learn about strategies that we can put to work for you.