Scott O’Donnell

Minneapolis, MN

I got my start in ag commodities when I was in college and applied for a part time job clerking for one of the largest spring wheat traders at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. Soon after, my employer gave me the opportunity to trade in the MGE spring wheat options pit and my career began. I became acquainted with Frontier’s Ted Johnson while he was running the Frontier Futures office in Minneapolis and took over for him as Branch Manager in 1995 when he went back to Iowa to become the new President of Frontier Futures there. 13 years later I experienced firsthand the rally of all rallies when spring wheat went to $24.00+ as I was then a futures and options executing pit broker in addition to trading my own account and acting as Branch Manager for Frontier. When the pits closed in 2009, we moved our office upstairs in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange building onto the new options and cash trading floor and I have been here ever since trading and offering value-added brokerage and commentary. I have been writing a morning or afternoon wire daily for over 20 years, have extensive experience in ag options and futures trading, have specialized in spring wheat since 1995, and have brokered for and managed accounts and positions (both in the pits and ex-pit) for major commercial grain firms, millers, FCM’s, independent elevators, pure speculators, money managers, and medium to large farms and ag producers during that time. I spent 6 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Minneapolis Grain exchange and have served on many committees of that institution also. My goal is to help producers and commercials in the ag industry to manage their hedges and capture the majority of annual market moves. I believe risk management is the major component of surviving and prospering in today’s ag markets, whether it be from the farm marketing side, the pure spec side, or the commercial hedge side. I bring 25+ years of experience to help avoid the pitfalls that often trip up new or inexperienced futures and options traders.

400 South 4th Street Suite 308. Minneapolis, MN 55415


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