Melissa Johnson

Cedar Rapids, IA

I got my start in commodity trading in 2004, in a tiny office for a small brokerage firm in Cedar Rapids. I earned my series 3 license in late 2004, and I spent the next 12 years learning, and falling in love with trading the commodity markets in this small office environment. When I walked through the door on my first day, I had no idea this world existed. So, if you are looking for someone to explain things to you from square one, I was there, I’m your girl. I had a real interest in the markets and was in an environment where I learned by asking questions. Lots and lots of questions. I am thankful for my teachers and the customers who provided a very valuable education on not only the commodity markets, but the in’s and outs of farming as well.
Through business connections, I met Ted and we bonded over margin calls and margaritas. We got married in 2011 when we knew our debates were meant to last a lifetime. I remained at my former company until 2015, and joined the Frontier family, as family, in 2016.
In early 2017, with the help of Ted, family and friends, I created a new business plan for our Market Advisory Services and got to work. I made Frontier my new favorite F-word, started working with customers again, and we hired our first round of interns in the summer of 2017. A breath of fresh air! I rediscovered my passion for trading and teaching and found my purpose with the freedom to pursue it.
I am really proud of what we have created here and credit Ted and the entire Frontier family for the strong foundation from which this is all built.

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